3D printer nozzle diameter comparison: 0.4mm vs. 0.35mm vs. many others

Owning 3D printers with different nozzle diameters, I am able to give some first-hand experience on their advantage and disadvantage… continue on yu.xueming.org

Update: my blog has moved! Check out yu.xueming.org

2 thoughts on “3D printer nozzle diameter comparison: 0.4mm vs. 0.35mm vs. many others

  1. Here I have a question… I had a mendel prusa i3 type of 3d printer when I use the printer it came with 0.5 from the kit… later on I use 0.4 bolt where printing good hard to see the difference, my 0.4 nozzle start to be old and I bought a 0.5 because of speed, but the new 0.5 as a more rough texture… and that question came in my mind why? May be the hold is not exactly 0.5? May by that would explain the lack of precision. because my first 0.5 was possibly make better or as well than the 0.4, but the new 0.5 not as good. I presently tried to print with different size in the setting to see what is the difference. Have you ever came to that question?

    1. Sorry to hear your problem, Dominique. It’s hard to make a judgement without actually seeing your print. There are many parameters that could contributing to this problem. From your description, I guess you have adjusted the nozzle extrusion rate for the bigger diameter, right? 0.5 should have more to flow out of its nozzle than 0.4, and since its prints more material, the layer height should also be bigger. Also, have you check the nozzle alignment?

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